Kim Witt Retires after 16 Years

May 31, 2018

Today we celebrated Kim Witt’s retirement from 16 years at First Bank. Kim has been with First Bank since May 6, 2002. When asked what his plans are for his retirement, he answered that he and his wife plan on traveling and spending quality time with grandchildren.

“You worked hard.
You used numbers to reveal meaning.
You didn’t waste words  if you could say it with fewer words, you did. You shared your wisdom.
You told the truth.
You valued success.
You made life better for your clients and your co-workers.
Value is a most important thing,
And not the material reward that only a Cashier’s Check could bring.
When the day is done and the checks are filed,
The only order remaining, comes from Hog Wild.”
–Your friends at First Bank

Kim, you will be missed. We wish you the best in this new chapter!

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